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IPS is proud to be the forefront leader in the field of building access control and security management.  Our access control products range from a single door application to an integrated system capable of managing thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points worldwide.


A building access control system secures and controls all entry and exit points in and around your facility.  Our systems will accommodate various reader technologies which include barcode, magnetic stripe, proximity antennas and biometric verification.  Public floors or daytime access is allowed by time schedules with or without the need for secure credentials.  Our solutions give you the added benefit of securing the premises after hours through the controlled means of an identification card, personal identification number (PIN) or time schedules.


The supplemental software for the hardware specifications are truly user-friendly.  Drop-down menus and windows allow for full customization of your building access needs.


At IPS, we believe in providing integrated technology solutions that enable our customers to maximize the security of their infrastructure, assets, products and most importantly, people.


Feel confident, explore the advantages with IPS.