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Digital Closed Circuit TV Surveillance

Property Management
What We Do


Enhance your visual security measures by incorporating digital closed-circuit surveillance (DCCTV) equipment throughout your infrastructure.  IPS has selectively and instinctively partnered with the recognized leading manufacturer who produces industry-leading digital video technology.  Their understanding of digital video provided the framework for the creation of some of the most amazing DCCTV recording systems in the world, allowing IPS to provide the most comprehensive solution to industry - from a four-channel camera unit to a worldwide network enterprise-class system.


With an automated DCCTV system, cameras respond to valid or invalid building access attempts, alarms or other specified events.  Cameras tied to this system can be directly controlled by the system operator.  Video can be viewed directly on a separate monitor by the operator, displayed on the computer screen, or recorded for future use.  Our systems rid you of the antiquated systems of the past that encompassed a monitor, VCR, multi-plexor unit and VCR tapes for data storage.  With the new sophisticated DCCTV technology, all data is stored digitally via the DCCTV system hard drive.  No longer will you have to consistently change a tape and, more importantly, view data by fast-forwarding and reversing to find the data capture specific to an alarm event.  Our systems are known for their ease of use and feature quick and easy retrieval of video - even for remote, off-site, web-based viewing.  Search for events by time, date, location, camera, alarm, and more.  View live or recorded video while the system continues to record and perform without system interruption. 


At IPS, we believe in providing integrated technology solutions that enable our customers to maximize the security of their infrastructure, assets, products and most importantly, people. 


IPS.  We sell integrity, not just a product.