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Knowledge and preparation are key to maintaining a secure environment for your facility and patients, as well as your employees and the community.  At IPS, we have a comprehensive product line devoted specifically to healthcare security needs and requirements.  Our systems our unobtrusive and mount out of harm's way from wheelchairs and carts.  There are no cables or antennas around doorways.  Our systems are modular so that as your facility expands or your protection requirements increase, additional protected areas and features can be added to your present system solution quickly and easily


Building Access Control

Our systems give you absolute control over your entire facility by securing and controlling all entry and exit points.  Combined with fire & burglary protection, healthcare facilities can maximize the security of their building, assets, products and most importantly, their patients.


Digital CCTV Surveillance

Digital CCTV (DCCTV) monitoring and alarm capture is an integral part of the security equation, giving you the ability to view and save recorded alarm events.  Cameras tied to this system can be controlled by the system operator.  With the new sophisticated technology, all data is stored digitally via the DCCTV system hard drive. 


Photo ID Credentials

With our comprehensive product line featuring user-friendly software and printing equipment, you can create custom, personalized identification credentials for your employees, contractors and visitors giving you the ability to know who belongs in your facility and who doesn't.   


The proven technological solutions from IPS take the responsibility of security from your staff so they can concentrate on what matters most. taking the best care of the patients or residents in their charge.