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IPS provides the "Best in Class" security system integration solutions for commercial, industrial and manufacturing corporations worldwide.  Security system integration solutions refer to the integration of the various subsystems of a security management system.  Our premier product offerings for a security management system include cutting-edge technology ranging from customized digital photo identification credentials, network-based building access control in and around your facility, digital CCTV surveillance, and fire & burglary applications monitored through a central monitoring station.  Our innovative service offerings include structured means of obtaining data, training, and technical scenarios via the internet, 24/7.


Building Access Control

Our building access control solutions for the manufacturing industry are more than just a security measure.  Our systems give you absolute control over your entire facility by securing and controlling all entry and exit points.  Combined with fire & burglary protection, companies can maximize the security of their building, assets, products and most importantly, people.


Digital CCTV Surveillance

Digital CCTV (DCCTV) monitoring and alarm capture is an integral part of the security equation, giving you the ability to view and save recorded alarm events.  Cameras tied to this system can be controlled by the system operator.  Video can be viewed on a separate monitor by the operator, displayed on the computer screen, or recorded for future use.  With the new sophisticated technology, all data is stored digitally via the DCCTV system hard drive. 


Photo ID Credentials

With our comprehensive product line you can create custom, personalized identification credentials for your employees, contractors and visitors giving you the ability to know who belongs on site and who doesn't.   


As an option to owning an ID system, IPS also offers a secure, web-based ID solution.  EnterpriseIDT, which allows users to design, create, and purchase ID cards and ID supplies directly over the internet.  An added feature/benefit of this solution is the employee validation module VerifyIDT, allowing end-users and/or their customers the ability to quickly log on and verify the employment status of an employee.  This is of particular importance to companies that do a large number of deliveries to their client base.  The companies receiving these deliveries will now be able to verify the badge holder's employment status through the web-based interface.


Let our expert teams of technical engineers provide a custom, integrated security system solution to meet the demands and requirements of your ever-changing security infrastructure.