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Knowing who belongs in your building and who doesn't is the first step in managing building security from employees to students to contractors and visitors.


IPS offers affordable, versatile and expandable identification solutions to industry.  Our applications allow users to design custom ID cards; capture photographs; maintain a secure database of cardholder information; and encode magnetic stripes and bar codes directly on the ID credential.  Our ready-to-use software applications allow you to incorporate signatures and fingerprints for unsurpassed identification means.  Create an unlimited number of professional-looking, full color ID badge designs and import eye-catching graphics to use as card backgrounds.    


Our line of printers are comprised of rugged, all metal enclosure housing with low-maintenance print mechanisms that include self-cleaning card handling, high capacity ribbon systems, and LCD control panels.


Select from an array of our identification supplies, which include but are not limited to, custom lanyards, and badging clip accessories to display your ID credential.


As an option to owning an ID system, IPS also offers a secure, web-based ID solution.  EnterpriseID, which allows users to design, create, and purchase ID cards and ID supplies directly over the internet.  An added feature/benefit of this solution is the employee validation module VerifyIDT, allowing end-users and/or their customers the ability to quickly log on and verify the employment status of an employee. 


From small organizations or businesses where a single person designs and manages badges, to medium and large-scale operations where different individuals perform badge design and management functions on separate computers or over a network, IPS sales engineers can recommend a cost-effective solution that best meets your needs and fits within your budget.

View The EnterpriseID Sample Video