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Security system integration is a way in which building owners and management professionals can maximize overall building performance, measure the quality of that performance and then pass the benefits on to their tenants.  This, in turn, helps to make the building more profitable, and positively affect the bottom line.


At IPS, the ideal fully integrated building begins with a security system that, with the presentation of an identification card, turns on lights, starts up heating and ventilation, and activates selected office equipment - even after hours and on weekends.


Building Access Control

Our systems give you absolute control over your entire facility by securing and controlling all entry and exit points including elevators.  Combined with fire & burglary protection, property management companies can maximize the security of their building, assets, products and most importantly, people.


Digital CCTV Surveillance

Digital CCTV (DCCTV) monitoring and alarm capture is an integral part of the security equation, giving you the ability to view and save recorded alarm events.  Cameras tied to this system can be controlled by the system operator.  Video can be viewed on a separate monitor by the operator, displayed on the computer screen, or recorded for future use.  With the new sophisticated technology, all data is stored digitally via the DCCTV system hard drive. 


Photo ID Credentials

By incorporating a customized, digital photo ID badge for both tenants and employees, you will instantly know who belongs in your building and who doesn't.  This application can be facilitated to include vendors, contractors and visitors who enter your facility on a regular basis.


IPS leads the charge when it comes to property management.  Our unsurpassed solutions allow you to better protect your tenants, your parking areas, and your entire facility.