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Automated Time & Attendance

Property Management
What We Do

Our goal at IPS is to assist organizations in improving labor productivity by reducing costs through the highest quality automated time and attendance, and labor tracking systems.

From employee self services to manager self services, IPS offers cost-effective time and attendance solutions for small to midsize businesses that are striving to keep pace with the changing dynamics of workforce management

Our solution for industry is a web-enabled, scalable labor management product line that meets the needs of diverse organizations and employee groups, from the manufacturing floor to the executive suite.  

Our full-featured time and attendance solution is designed to automate employee time tracking and scheduling.  Functions of the product line comprise of tracking and maintaining attendance records, creating schedules, benefit accrual, and identifying tardy or absent employees.

Features include: remote PC, telephony and card data input; payroll system interfaces; advanced benefit accrual engine, comprehensive scheduling functions; automated pay rule calculations; and ad hoc reporting.

The IPS line offers a broad range of data collection methods with "mix and match" options to suite your environment, your data collecting requirements and types of employees that will be using the system.